The Fence Project Begins

The Fence Project Begins

Most medical marijuana gardens require a privacy fence. Our old privacy fence has got to go and go soon! The time is fast approaching when the clones will be here and gardening will take all precedence. The dogs get loose two to three times a day now, that old fence looks like crap and we can gain some garden area in the process. Extend out two sides of the fence and we can add another clone to this marijuana-growing season. Well start taking down and burning the old rotten boards, start sealing and staining the new boards and digging holes Lets get to work!

The following photo clearly illustrates the need for the new fence.

This picture best illustrates why were changing out the fence

Tims three dogs had been helping grow this hole in their regular escape attempts. I suspect theyll be none too pleased with the new fence.

Tim and his helpers are moving right along now.

Because the neighbors property is lower than Tims, hes used railroad ties to keep soil from eroding. He and his helpers dug a lot of holes and he has begun setting posts in concrete.

The railroad tie creates a soil barrier between the differing heights of adjacent properties.

The posts are pressure-treated 44s, the stringers will be 24s and the rails will be 16 cedar planking pre-dipped and sealed with stain.

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