Our Cedar Privacy Fence is Built!

Our Cedar Privacy Fence is Built!

Several weeks have passed and we have finally finished building our cedar privacy fence. All that remains is to secure the Wi-Fi cameras and lights to the outer ten-foot-high perimeter poles. One central security pole remains intact after all of the demolition, and we retained two standard posts from the old fence to attach wire fencing for growing pole beans in our garden. We grow our Cannabis right alongside our vegetables and everything is organic. More photos will be forthcoming in future articles featuring the vegetable garden and the growing Cannabis.

As we proceeded around the yard building the new fence, we had to keep in mind our two escape artists; therefore we retained the old back wall as we added the new, keeping the dogs safely fenced up all along. As soon as the new back fence was completed, Tim cut down the old one in sections; we enjoyed several bonfires (with legal permits, and following all fire safety laws) to eliminate the waste.

The three-foot front gate.

We built two gates for the yard one for front yard access and one off the alley. Always being security-minded, we added three latches to each gate, with only the top latch accessible by string pull. When we leave the premises we latch all three positions top, bottom, and middle as well as padlocking the top latches of both gates. Due to the heaviness of each gate we will be changing the two small hinges for three medium strength hinges. Note that hinges are always placed on the interior of a yard, to keep a clever thief from simply unscrewing the hinges to remove the gate.

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North fence

These finished results are worth the months of hard work. Our cedar fence is completed, with triple stringers and eighth-inch gaps between stained planks. The north and south sides that adjoin neighbors yards have the planks facing interiorly, while the alley has the planks facing outwards for security purposes. It is harder to scale the smooth planks than it is to climb the three stringers.

Tim hasnt forgotten his construction background the completed fence is both beautiful and functional.

To enjoy our complete set of fence photos, see our photo gallery at www.cannabisoutdoorgrowing.com. As always, feel free to ask Tim questions about growing Cannabis or building fences at support@cannabisoutdoorgrowing.com.