Cannabis Outdoor Growing Adds YouTube Videos

Cannabis Outdoor Growing Adds YouTube Videos

During the month of June, COG introduced helpful videos on YouTube demonstrating some of our various tricks for maximizing our Cannabis quality and output. Topics weve covered so far include Aeration of the Cannabis roots, Fertilization, Super-cropping, and Trimming the base of the plants.

Aeration does exactly what it sounds like it breaks up the hardened soil and lifts the root base while providing better access to water and nutrient to the plants. Organic compost is added at this time to protect from heat and dessication as well as adding a little more food to the plant. The basin around each plant is made larger through each process and as the plants grow providing a bigger pot for watering.

The Fertilization videos introduce the organic chicken pellets and Age Old Grow 12-6-6 fertilizer, along with the timing of application and the dilutions.

Super-cropping is a pruning method to make the plants bush and keep their height manageable. We keep the average height of the plants around 8 foot, while pushing branch production. We selectively remove the very tiny new meristematic tips of each branch usually with tweezers; when the plant mends itself it splits the tip into two branches (see photo above). We do this until each bush has between 32-40 branch tips each of which will develop eventually into large beautiful buds.

Trimming the base means that we trim the small leaves and branches dragging in the dirt at the base of each plant this does several things. It removes branches that get all the dirt and mud backsplash from watering that will never produce large buds anyway. Those buds are very difficult to tie up at the end of the year and are impossible to clean. A growing plant is expending energy on every leaf and branch and stem, so removing these unwanted branches frees up energy to the remainder of the plant, thus pushing the growth of the upper branches. And finally, trimming up the base adds to the ease of access for watering the growing bush. At this time, we again widen the basin around the plant.

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They look beautiful!