About Us

About Us

Who are we? Tim is a retired building contractor whose years of back-breaking labor left him with chronic pain that could only be managed with medical marijuana. He made the decision several years ago to quit buying from dispensaries and instead to grow his own. He loved to garden anyway, and thought whats the difference? Turns out there is a bit more work involved if you want awesome weed. He had the great good fortune of having access to a number of old growers with decades of experience in growing great bud, and he quickly took advantage of their willingness to share their knowledge. Through his own trial and error he has tweaked and fine-tuned his organic gardening of legal Cannabis to an exquisite pitch of perfection. In Tims neck of the woods, there are many growers who would prefer to smoke his product over their ownbecause his smoke is truly amazing not only of exceptional potency, it tastes wonderful. We began to ask ourselveswhat makes Tims bud better?

Anne is a retired biologist/botanist and former community college science instructor, who stays productive by writing and being creative. She loves to draw and paint, and belongs to a local Artists guild; she also makes jewelry, multiple recycled denim products, and other crafts. And on the side, she builds websites on which to sell the stuff that she makes. Lets just say she likes to keep busy.

So there we were a grower of great medical Cannabis and a writer who happened to be a botanistfiguring out why Tims bud was so great and musing on how any brand new grower could learn all this without the requisite years of experimentation or the poring through inch-thick manualsand we realized that the logical answer was to write a little easy DIY illustrated field guide. So we did. We wrote a book called Easy Outdoor Growers Guide Medical Marijuana Growing for the Beginner to explain how to get the same quality and yield as Tim. The book is fully illustrated with photos for every step of the gardening process. Tim is an amateur photographer as well, and loves to photograph his garden. Hes eager to pass on what hes learned and will answer any Cannabis-related question to the best of his ability if you contact him at support@cannabisoutdoorgrowing.com.

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We built a website at www.cannabisoutdoorgrowing.com to talk about and sell the book, provide a forum for Cannabis edibles and showcase our awesome Bud Art, but now we find our attention turning. With the fast approach of a new season Tims mind is on other thingshe needs to finish building a new fence its nearly time to pick out new cloneshe has to ready the garden plot This blog will follow Tims 2013 season; youre welcome to join us.

Downloadable PDF version of the Easy Outdoor Growers Guide is only $9.95 less than the price of a clone! DOWNLOAD HERE