Season 2013

Scheduling for a medical marijuana growing season goes something like this:

Weather gets warmer

Major garden prep takes place in March–raking and clearing the plot, any repairs or updates to the area–thus the fence project. The old fence will be torn down and burned or recycled as appropriate, the new boards will be sealed and pre-stained, the new posts sunk and the stringers nailed up. Then screw on the boards and voila’ fence done, head to the garden…

Check the soil pH throughout and in specific spots around the garden, depending upon surrounding trees and vegetation–(e.g., pine increases the acidity of soil in its vicinity). Treat the soil to increase or decrease soil pH as needed.

One of these days go get some clones! Visit one of our favorite dispensaries (or make our own clones. We’re adding a section to next year’s book edition to show how to clone…)

We’ll keep you updated on our progress.

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