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photo by Tim Mullenniex, copyright 2014
photo by Tim Mullenniex, copyright 2014
photo by Tim Mullenniex, copyright 2014
We're here to help the newly-minted legal medical marijuana grower who has no idea where to by Anne Mullenniex, copyright 2012 All Rights Reserved
We offer gorgeous photos to motivate you, and our quick and easy field guide to help you maximize your yield and the quality of your bud.
"How do we differ from the other guides on the market, and what can we do for you?"
We offer clear, easy to follow, illustrated, step by step instructions. We literally show you everything you need to do for a successful outdoor season.
We designed a hardy little book -- durable with laminated covers, plasticoil, and 70# heavy paper -- intended for use in the garden.
We provide a journal at the back of the book to help you keep track of your efforts.

We're not selling you a technical manual or an encyclopedia. We're offering you a proven recipe for getting excellent medicinal marijuana.
Our "Easy Outdoor Grower's Guide" offers step-by-step instructions and a complete list of required and suggested supplies and equipment. From designing your garden, through nutrition and care, to security, harvesting, and the final trim--our guide covers every aspect of growing Cannabis outdoors, in concise detail and in simple, easy to understand language.
Our two authors include a botanist and a legal medical marijuana grower with years of experience and a local reputation for the excellence of his annual crop. Although our grower's experience has comes from growing medical marijuana in north-central Siskiyou County California, instructions will pertain to nearly any outdoor climate.               
Click "HERE" to read the introduction to our guide and to see the Table of Contents. 
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SPIRAL-BOUND FIELD NOTEBOOK - regularly $24.95 - only $12.50
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Included with the Guide:
  • Email support : email Tim or Anne with questions about the book, or on any issues with growing, at
  • Complete tool, equipment and supplies list
  • Step by step instructions on planning, preparing, planting, and maintaining your garden
  • Step by step instructions on organic nutrition and care of your Cannabis
  • Step by step instructions on protection, harvest, and curing of bud
  • Photo instructions on trimming your bud
  • Journal pages at end of guide teach you how to keep track of your plants, and how to make a map of your garden
  • Extra blank journal pages can be downloaded from HERE.
  • Photo instructions on how to make Black Butter.
  • Awesome Peanut Butter and Ginger Cannabis Cookie recipe. We will also be sharing more free recipes every month on our website--feel free to share your recipes here too!


"Excellent; reads like an easy-to-read textbook."  --Ian D.
"Awesome field guide for growing ganja!" --Nick M.
"Following this guide even a moron could grow weed." --Dan D. 
"After reading the guide I think I wouldn't have a problem growing."  --Will M. (brand-new grower)

"Very professional. This is an easy to read book and looks great too!"  --Kathy G.

FOR EDIBLES RECIPES CLICK "HERE"---and share your favorites with us!

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"Do a rough trim before hanging and drying the buds. In other words, cut off all the large water leaves."

"Save your fine trim until after the buds are dry -- approximately three weeks after hanging."
        --Tim at COG

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